I've gained much of my knowledge of hand forging custom knives by apprenticing under two of the best and most recognized Master Bladesmiths in the United States.

If you know about custom hand forged knives, you will probably recognize that Ed Fowler and Murray Carter are both world renown. I've combined their knowledge through extensive training by each of them, but you will see that I have worked hard to create my own way of doing things, and my own style.

I'm dedicated to producing the finest hand forged, Differentially Heat Treated blades possible. My specialties are custom Neck Knives and Hunting/Survival Knives, forged from NASA grade 52100 High Carbon steel. 

One of my specialties is a design that I've never seen nor heard of before. It's been labeled as "The Thinking Man's Knife", or as I call it, the Three Finger Knife. They can be quite diminutive and concealable, and still be able to do whatever a knife needs to do. The ergonomics allow your hand to "lock on" to the shortened handle. It will surprise you!

Of course, I can make just about anything you can draw, describe or have a picture of, but with the Differential Heat Treating, every knife is unique.
Welcome to Reich Precision

The home of the discerning and innovative Bladesmith, Mark Reich.