Handle Material

I have dozens of different premium handle materials in stock. If I don't have it, I know where to get it. All my handle materials come from leaders of each industry.

Materials and Sheaths

I carry many patterns of Kirinite, as this is one of my favorite materials. I also have many exotic woods, many colors of stabilized burl and many colors of stabilized bone. Also in stock are several kinds of micarta, a few exotic carbon fiber materials, G10 and C-Tec of different colors, and prehistoric mammoth ivory and tooth. We will try to have knives in stock with as many different handle materials as we can for you to see, but there will always be more available.

Highest quality custom form fitting Kydex and Leather sheaths are available. Both allow for a variety of carry options and excellent knife retention.

My specialty is hand forged, differentially heat treated and etched blades of high carbon 52100 tool steel. The blades are very distinctive and unique looking. My Differentially Heat Treated blades are extraordinarily fine grained. This allows for an incredibly tough blade that is easy to sharpen to a very keen edge. Your knife will arrive with quite probably the sharpest edge you've ever held.

I can use any other stock removal steel, such as high carbon M4, or any of the stainless "super steels", such as any CPM, Carpenter or Bohler Uddeholm steels. Some of these steels may be difficult or impossible to find immediately, but I have some in stock, and as much access as any other established knife maker. These steels, while being high performance cutters and usually stainless, lack the character, flexibility and toughness of 52100.

Materials can also be combined on any knife and are usually separated with colored and/or metal liner material.

All metal furnishings, such as hilts, guards and fasteners are available in brass, sterling silver or copper. I have many mosaic pins in stock to match or add some bling to the handles. Mosaic pins are the normal $25 per 1/4" diameter pin